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Kitchen Exhaust Systems Cleaning Report Property Inspected Date of Inspection PropertyAddress Owner Phone Multiple Hoods Appliances Main Fuel Type Cooking Volume Main Cooking Style Yes No Name/location of hood Natural Gas Electric Very High High Deep Fat Frying Asian Exhaust System Hood Type Modular Extractor Fan Type Upblast Low Char Broiling Does exhaust hood capture all heat and cooking effluent Solid Fuel Medium Griddle Water wash Filter Wall Roof Duct Type Type I grease Type II steam...
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All right Scott lawyer is our man he's gonna be putting in the kitchen cabinets but before he took away this template I wanted to talk about why do you need a template in the first place well every kitchen is different and we need to bring this kitchen to our shop so we can fabricate it so by making a template you're practically actually doing what you just said you're taking this kitchen to your workshop Zack why don't you just work here at the at the job site to make tools to make equipment yeah you want a good stationery table saw and all that all right well in a few minutes we're gonna be finding out about how you install the Quarian but how did you make the template basically just taking the sticks hot glue gun taking some real precise measurements and such like that so you're going from the blueprint yes right and you're just using luan plywood instead of cardboard or anything else that's correct and why do you have to use the well the glue gun is just to glue these pieces together yeah just to attach it so it's a firm positive connection okay and then when you're done you take them back and you actually superimpose them on the raw stock the corien yeah and the fabricators take this put it on the Quarian draw it out no room for error extremely little good okay well in a minute we'll start putting down the Quarian thanks guys thank you Andrea Johnson is with us now from Dupont Corian hi hi Bob how are you great to see you good to see you so when I first used Corian it was white you could have it any color you wanted as long as it was white obviously things have changed things have changed a lot over 100 colors of Corian and different colors and patterns to choose from unbelievable can these come out they can orange strip liner with your ball but it looks like ice cream and so it's still the same product except how do they get this incredible range of colors better living through chemicals right better living through chemicals okay now why why should we consider Cory an for you know this kind of application well Corian is non-porous mm-hmm scratch and stain resistant very easy to clean most cleaners needed it's very durable great warranty backed by DuPont right and it is a product that lasts forever because I've seen kitchens and baths that have had the installation you know 20 years ago and it's still around absolutely more than 35 years now mm-hmm so staying with this whole theme of the variety that you've got we are using well we've got this one already in the kitchen this is called Ken Canyon and it looks for all the world like a natural stone absolutely in fact the newer colors of Corian are inspired by nature to bring calmness and stability into our busy lives and we've done that in the kitchen here now it always comes comes through in this thickness right it does it's a half inch thick but what you see here is a built up edge a built up edge so that essentially they fabricate in the shop they turn it and then they sand it and you it...